Elkhorn Runs All Over Norris Defense

Elkhorn Antlers dominate the Norris Titans 21-7 to advance to 2-0 on the season.


Casey Schiessler

Connor Hunt warms up on the sideline during halftime.

Casey Schiessler, Reporter

Tanner Houck and Gavin Glover tackle the Norris running back for a loss in the 4th quarter. (Casey Schiessler)
Cooper Fedde breaks a Norris tackle to gain a first down in the third quarter. (Casey Schiessler)
Connor Hunt handing the ball off to KJ Schenck in warm-ups. (Casey Schiessler)
Cooper Fedde finds a gap in the Norris defense early in the first quarter. (Casey Schiessler)
KJ Schenck breaks down against a defender after breaking a tackle. (Casey Schiessler)
Aiden Sufficool tackles the Norris receiver after a reception. (Casey Schiessler)
Connor Hunt giving thumbs up to his offensive line before handing the ball to KJ Schenck for his second touchdown. (Casey Schiessler)
KJ Schenck rushes from 6 yards out for his first touchdown of the day. (Casey Schiessler)
Aidan Betz pointing to his coaching staff after a huge third down sack on Norris’ opening drive. (Casey Schiessler)
Jaxson Ninete and Tanner Houck tackle Norris running back for a loss. (Casey Schiessler)
Connor Hunt and Ben Reynolds talk over final preparations before the second half. (Casey Schiessler)
KJ Schenck hits open field in stride on the second drive of the third quarter. (Casey Schiessler)
KJ Schenck braces for a Norris hit after rushing for a first down. (Casey Schiessler)
Andrew Salvatore heads back to the huddle after forcing an incompletion in the endzone. (Casey Schiessler)
Collin Hinkle and Aidan Betz sack the Norris quarterback late in the third quarter. (Casey Schiessler)
Aidan Betz breaks through the Norris line to pressure the quarterback (Casey Schiessler)

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