Antler of the Week: Kendall Rager

Senior Kendall Rager has two game-winning homeruns and is the Antler of the Week. 

Mason Beister and Phillip Truong

Makayla Brackett, reporter

The pitcher winds up… Number 30, Kendall Rager steps up to bat. . .  The pitcher sends the ball her way and “crack,” Rager’s swing sends the ball screaming over the fence for a home run.

Senior softball player Kendall Rager is recognized for her hitting prowess and home runs and that is why she has been honored as the Antler Express Antler of the Week.

Rager hit home runs in the team’s win against Westside, a three-run homer against Hastings, and in the Antler’s game Sept. 24 against Columbus, Rager hit a two-run walk-off home run to beat the Discoverers.  This was her second walk-off homer of the season. Her first came earlier this season against Waverly when she hit a grand slam to win the game.

“It (the grand slam) was very exciting,” Rager said. “It was my first ever grand slam. The crowd was at a stand-still because they didn’t know what to do.”

Her teammates say her ability to block out distractions and the fact that she is the designated player, meaning she only hits, contributes to hitting success.

“Kendall does a great job of getting up there and not thinking about it,” senior Jordyn Rochholz said. “She has great power and can block out the distractions.”

Rager can contribute to the team on defense, playing third base and catcher, though she most often serves as a hitter only.

“Third base is really hard and involves fast reflexes, Rager said. “There are a lot of hard shots that you have to mentally prepare for. Being the Catcher is pretty easy though, you just have to make sure you catch the ball.”

Leadership is another important way that Rager says she contributes to the team.

“Seniors have to be the role models to the team,” Rager said. 

Rocholz said Rager brings great energy to the team and games.

“She’s one of the most positive people on the team,” Rochholz said. “She’s always up in the dugout cheering people on.”


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