KJ Schenck : Antler of the week

KJ Schenck is awarded antler of the week due to beating the school record of carries in a game. ¨We all work together, everyone wants what’s best for the team, it’s just a team mentality.¨” Schneck said.


Senior KJ Schenck takes his helmet off between plays. Antlers 21- G.I. Northwest 24.

Abby Hufstedler, Reporter

Senior KJ Schenck broke the record for the most carries in a game by having a positive mindset, and doing what´s best for the team.

He embraces his role as running back and runs the ball however many times he can. ¨I feel like it shows a lot about our team and how we run the ball a lot,¨ Schenck said. 

I asked him how he would describe himself as a player. ¨I´d say I´m a tough runner. I follow my blockers and focus on trying to find holes and seeing where I can run.¨ Schenck beat the record by a whopping 37 carries.

 ¨It didn’t really take much effort, the coach just gave me the ball, and ran as much as I could knowing that people depended on me. I wasn’t really trying to beat the record, it was just a surprise. I’m glad that I got the opportunity to show what the team could do and show how much we work and love the sport we play.¨ Knowing and caring that people depend on you and not even trying to beat any record or just thinking about beating anything but the other team shows how much he cares about not just the team but everybody.

 ¨I’m not really planning on going through college with football, just not really 

what I had planned,¨ Schenck commented. Football isn’t really in his future but we all know that he´s a great player and it’s important to him that he gets the playing time before he leaves high school.

  ¨I give all the credit to my offensive line, they really helped me out and my coach.¨ 

Recognizing how the team all came together and helped him out is great teamwork and that´s important in football. Schenck has come a long way from 3rd grade till now and is showing great effort and dedication in doing what he loves. He has great sportsmanship and even though he isn’t going through college playing football, everyone will remember how great he is as a player here at Elkhorn High School.

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