Pep Club Adds Some Pep

Pep Club Has Been Busy Keeping School Activities Fun And Entertaining


Makayla Brackett

Pep Club sponsor McKenna Sorensen helps senior Ella Schutte distribute homecoming t-shirts. Schutte helped design the shirts.

The 2022- 2023 school year kicked off with so many new teachers and leadership roles being filled. Mckenna Sorenson, a special education teacher, takes the role of an advisor for the Pep Club.

“For the last two years, the advisor was Mrs. Whalen. I’m not sure why the switch was for advisors, but there was an opening that they posted for the position. I talked to Mrs. Fjell about it and some of the other teachers in my department, and they all thought I was a good fit,” Sorenson said.

This year, Pep Club has already made some new strides into creating more school spirit around the building.

Junior Mya Larsen and senior Ella Schutte, co-presidents of Pep Club, alongside Sorenson made individual stickers for each person’s locker showcasing the sports they played or activities they participated in.

“We spent all summer creating them; we had to individually search up every single locker number to put them on. It was a little stressful to make them because of the whole process, but I’m really happy with the way they turned out,” Larsen said. “Whenever I see the stickers in the hallway, it just makes me happy and kinda makes me think about how I can go support that kid because I know what they’re involved in.”

Pep Club does not just lift school spirit throughout the halls, but they also organized and planned homecoming. Something new this year for Elkhorn High is homecoming t-shirts. Pep Club came up with this idea to help raise money for homecoming while also spreading the school spirit around to promote the dance.

“I would have to say my favorite thing would be designing the homecoming shirts. Pep Club is really student-led, so we are trying things unique this year. We’ve never had any shirts like the homecoming shirts before,” Larsen said.

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