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  • April 17th: Girls Varsity Tennis (Elkhorn North High School) vs. Elkhorn North @ 9am
  • Varsity Track Invitational (Bennington High School) vs. Multiple Schools @ 2pm
  • Boys Varsity Golf Triangular (Indian Creek Golf Course) vs. Multiple Schools @ 2:30pm
  • Girls Reserve Tennis Dual (Elkhorn North High School) vs. Elkhorn North @ 4pm
  • Girls JV Soccer (Home) vs. Lincoln Northeast @ 5:30pm
  • April 18th: Girls JV Tennis Dual (Home) vs. Bennington @ 4pm
  • Girls Varsity Tennis Dual (Mount MIchael Benedictine High School) vs. Bennington @ 4pm
  • Varsity Baseball (Frerichs Legion Field) vs. Mount MIchael Benedictine @ 5pm
  • Boys Varsity Soccer (Home) vs. MAdison Public Schools @ 5:30pm
  • JV Baseball (Gretna High School) vs. Gretna @ 7pm
  • Boys JV Soccer (Home) vs. Madison Public Schools @ 7:30pm
The Student News Site of Elkhorn High School

Antler Express

The Student News Site of Elkhorn High School

Antler Express

The final season of Disneys Bad Batch is streaing now on Disney+. The series follows a group of defective Clone troopers.

The Last Batch

Evan Naujokaitis, Reporter April 5, 2024

Star Wars: The Bad Batch's third and final season opened with an engaging pair of episodes, throwing viewers back into the Star Wars universe. Set after the critically acclaimed Star Wars: The Clone Wars...

Paul Atreides, played by Timothée Chalamet, fights Feyd-Rautha, played by Austin Butler, to the death over the throne of Kanly.


Kaito Hoori and Izzy DeStefano April 3, 2024

Dune 2, connecting to the first one at a flawless seam, is an intense coming of age story where the lead is faced with a difficult choice that determines the entire outcome of his life. Keeping people...

Uncle Iroh is holding the infamous white lotus piece, a clever bit of foreshadowing that is not obvious.
Photo courtesy: CinemaBlend

Live Action “Avatar”, More Like Bad “Avatar”

Noah Shackelford, Reporter March 12, 2024

The new live-action “Avatar The Last Airbender” does a terrible job at being a TV show, let alone follow up to the greatness that was the original animated show. The main issue with the new show is...

Usher welcomed many guests to the stage during his Superbowl halftime performance, which included a duet with Alicia Keys.  Photo Illustration by Macie Burson

Turn Down for that Halftime Show

Claire Nuismer, Reporter February 15, 2024

From roller skates to R&B legends, Usher offered something for people of all walks of life. The visuals and sheer amount of people performing were insane. The costumes, circus performers, live marching...

Tradional valentines gifts such as flowers and candy are signs of corporate influence on the holiday.


Noah Shackelford, Reporter February 14, 2024

Valentine's Day is a corporate Hallmark holiday that makes all us single people sad! I have to spend every Valentine's Day crying myself to sleep because I have to be constantly reminded that I am not...

Detroits football team, like the city itself, is having a resurgence.

Roaring Back

Kelly Knutson and Adias Pettes January 28, 2024

The city of Detroit first declared bankruptcy in 2013. It was the largest US municipal bankruptcy filing in US history, with the city's debt estimated to be in the $18-20 billion dollars. Since the...

Michigan beats Washington 34-14 in this years college football playoffs.

CFP Madness

Jack Metschke, Reporter January 22, 2024

The college football playoffs were one to remember this year with the Michigan Wolverines winning this year's championship. There was a lot of controversy with this year's playoffs with an undefeated Florida...

Design by: Avery Anderson

Getting Personal with Personal Finance

Avery Anderson, Web Manager December 18, 2023

Whether learning how to make a budget or how to sign up for life insurance, Personal Finance is an essential class. The required course combines a couple of students from every grade into the same room...

The OG battle royale loading screen is featured to adhere to the resurfacing of this popular video game, Fortnite.

Back in the Battle Bus 

Jack Metschke, Reporter November 27, 2023

The new Fortnite seasons bring back many nostalgic memories for its old users. Many Elkhorn High students played the new and exciting Fortnite season that came out Friday, November 3rd. The new season...

1989 Taylors Version became the fourth re-record album of her career. It came out on October 27th.

Welcome to 1989 (Taylor’s Version)

Avery Anderson, Manager November 10, 2023

Results like this couldn't have been expected, even in her Wildest Dreams. “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” became the first re-recorded album to outsell its original “stolen version.” Within the first...

Graphic by: Macie Burson

Fans Want Football Back

Claire Nuismer, Reporter November 7, 2023

Are you ready for some football?  Well, if you're a Chiefs fan you're out of luck because when I tune in to watch a game it's as if a Taylor Swift concert was taking place. The announcers reference her...

Taylor Swift: The Ears Tour premiered on October 11, 2023. The movie has a two hour and forty-eight minute runtime.

“If This Was a Movie”

Avery Anderson, Web Manager October 26, 2023

As a lifelong fan who wasn’t able to attend a concert on her tour, I am incredibly grateful to be able to experience her show in some way. I had chills throughout the entire film that kept me excited...

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