Softball Slides into the New Season

Selflessness is a team goal.


Courtesy of Scott Avery

Number 27, Junior Makailey Beekman makes a hit. Elkhorn won against Waverly 7-5 on 9/10. Photo courtesy of Scott Avery.

Macie Burson, Reporter

This year’s Antler softball team is in it for each other.

“It’s like a big family,” senior Jordyn Rocholz said. “We all come every day and play for one another. Our team saying this year is mudita, and it means for one another’s success.”

 The team is off to a winning start with an 8-3 record and is ranked 6th in class B. The past few seasons of Antler softball have undoubtedly set the bar high, but seniors Jordyn Rochholz and Emma Hague along with their head coach, Allen Schutte, don’t see anything standing in the way of another season of success. 

“We played class A schools our first few games, and we played really well and learned a lot. Hopefully the rest of the season continues that way.” Coach Schutte said.

Although the team is looking forward to another successful season, the softball environment isn’t all about winning. The girls enjoy their teammates’ company, and the bond that they all share that is tied to the sport.

In order for the team to continue to excel and have another great season, they will find themselves in need of strong leadership, and with seven senior captains, they have just that.

“I really like the leadership role, and I love leading the team with the other senior captains.” Emma Hague said.

With so many seniors on the team this year, the underclassmen have some great mentors to learn from. These seniors believe that the coaching staff at Elkhorn High School along with the future varsity team will continue to do great things after they graduate.

“I think we have a really strong core group of girls and a really great culture that will be  great for us in the following years. I think it will only go up from here.” Hague said.

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